What is Upstream?

A great tasting naturally flavoured lightly sparkling water.

Why is Upstream different?

Unlike some other flavoured waters and soft drinks, Upstream recognises that taste is key. Our drinks are packed with full bodied natural flavours, no sugar and instead, a small amount of sweetness to deliver on the flavour people want.

How many calories are there in a can of Upstream?

All Upstream flavours contain just 3 calories per can.

Upstream doesn’t look like a water drink, why?

Upstream wants to offer you a water drink that offers the same flavour and personality as many of the soft drinks, but without all the sugar. A healthier alternatives that taste great without the guilt!

Why do Upstream drinks taste a little bit sweet but only have 3 calories?

We only put a drop of sucralose in our drinks to give a slightly sweet taste that balances the great natural flavours.

Are the Upstream drinks suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

Yes, Upstream is both vegetarian and vegan friendly!

Is Upstream Gluten Free?

Absolutely! All Upstream is gluten free.

Where can I buy Upstream?

If you’d like to know where you can find the Upstream range, please get in touch.

Can I get a multipack or only individual cans?

At the moment Upstream is only available in individual cans.